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Blonde Hair: Gold and Sand

Blonde hair also colors your attitude toward life. Blonde tends to make you the star wherever you go. Whether your shade of blonde is caramel or ash blonde, you should learn about color trends and the care of color-treated hair from the experts. In our color consultation we help you turn your blonde hair into a truly bright image.

  • A Yellow Tinge in Blonde Hair

    Yellow Tinged Blonde Hair

    Most women want their hair to have a natural color with plenty of luminescent glow. Quite often, first attempts do not bring the desired results. Women who color their hair blonde are particularly dismayed when it shows a yellow tinge. We explain what causes the yellow tinge and how to prevent it

    Bye Yellow Tinge!
  • Brilliant Blonde Hair

    All about Bleaching

    Bleaching has come a long way since the early trial-and-error days. Today, bleaching can be tightly controlled and is gentler than ever. Regardless of your natural hair color, you can now create many shades of blonde. See below what the new bleaching formulations can do

    Going Blonde the Right Way
  • Make-up for Blondes

    Make-up for Blondes

    Is it true that blondes have more fun? Do they have advantages over others? We don’t know. We do know however what make-up colors are right for fair-haired heads and apparitions born of light

    Know Your Colors
  • Proper Care for Blonde Hair

    Blonde Hair - Properly Maintained

    Naturally blonde hair is much finer than darker pigmented hair and needs special care. This applies to bleached blonde hair as well. Both hair types are very demanding. Below, you find five hard and fast rules for your blonde hair. We know that blonde is your favorite color and we like to help make it shine

    Blonde: Let it shine ...
  • Coloring Your Hair Blonde

    Blonde Color Treatments - The Facts

    Beautifully colored blonde hair requires the right kind of consultation. If you want to color your hair blonde at home it also takes some sure instinct and a special touch. Some good tips will help you succeed

    Coloring Your Hair Blonde
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