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Hair Care

Clean Hair: Shampooing and Conditioning

Your hair likes to be treated softly and with love. Below, we have compiled the best hair care and shampooing tips for long and curly hair. We also tell you how to bring sensational luster into your hair. Also have a look into our dictionary. You can learn about hair care products, their ingredients and the way they work.

  • Hair Care Myths

    Busting Hair Myths

    Myths around hair abound and some of them have staying power. We are going to bust the fallacies and help you focus on proven facts. Stay tuned for the answers to such questions as: "Does stress cause hair loss? Does blonde hair grow slower than brown hair?" We separate fallacies from facts

    Hair Care Myths
  • Luster for Damaged Hair

    Brilliant Luster for Your Hair

    The shimmering luster of healthy hair is very attractive. Is it any wonder that brilliant shine is so important in hair care? Especially women with damaged hair keep looking for the magic product, which restores the lost brilliance to their hair. Use our hair care strategies to make your hair shine

    Restoring the Luster to Damaged Hair
  • Hair Care for Curls

    Hair Care Products for Gorgeous Curls

    Natural or man-made curls come in many shapes. They can be styled to fall casually in beach wave fashion, in cork screw curls or simply as nature intended them to fall. Whether they are glamor or undone curls, they need care. Special hair care products for curls will put your curls in the best light

    Hair Care Products for Curls
  • Hair Care

    Become a Hair Care Expert

    Shampooing, blow-drying, coloring, streaking, straightening, and curling – we expect our hair to take all this stress and still look radiant. Our hair is quite resilient but proper care is in order to maintain a healthy, shiny hair. We provide tips so that it will always be your crowning glory

    Hair Care 101
  • Healthy Hair

    How to Have Healthy Hair

    Healthy hair is strong and thick. It shows brilliant luster and its color is vibrant. If that is exactly the kind of hair you always wanted we can help you get closer to achieving it. You could for example use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair daily

    Healthy Hair
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