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  • Schwarzkopf Hair App

  • Introducing the New Schwarzkopf Hair App

    All the professional hair expertise of Schwarzkopf - in the palm of your hand!

    Your most personal hair beauty accessory, from finding the right product for your hair to learning how to apply Schwarzkopf products to achieve an outstanding result. Full hair expert experience on styling, care and coloration - all in one single app created with the Schwarzkopf team to hair experts - for you.




  • Schwarzkopf Hair App

Find Your Personal Hair Style & Color in 4 easy steps!

New color, new style? Your perfect hair style is just at your fingertips!
Try on Schwarzkopf-selected hairstyles with a 3D preview on your picture and see that style with various hair colors.

  • Step1

    STEP 1

    Take a picture

  • Step2

    STEP 2

    Choose a hair style

  • Step3

    STEP 3

    Choose a hair color

  • Step4

    STEP 4

    Get styling advice for your new look with our how-to tutorials

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