Schwarzkopf Professional

Frequently Asked Questions


Who founded Schwarzkopf?

A chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf founded the company in 1898. He invented and marketed the first powder shampoo. Driven by his passion for hair and his vision for the industry he also founded a hairdressing academy in 1927.


What does Schwarzkopf stand for?

We stand for innovation, reliability, quality, trust and competence - these are the foundations on which our business thrives. We are driven by a passion for creating beautiful hair and this is reflected in each of our products. In addition, our ASK Academies and Studios are recognized centers of excellence that inspire and educate hairdressers around the globe.


Who owns Schwarzkopf?

A parent company with a strong global portfolio: Schwarzkopf became a Henkel company in 1995. Schwarzkopf is one of three strategic businesses that also include adhesives, detergents and technologies.


What is Schwarzkopf doing for the future?

Ethics and values for the next generation: Henkel takes its ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously with an effective programme for environmental protection and social responsibilities at both a global and local level. This programme is inherent to the future success of the Henkel Group.


What should I be aware of when coloring my hair for the first time?

The hair color should be applied swiftly strand by strand moving around the head from the center of the crown down to the neck and finally to the rest of the length. If you have a lot of gray hair then you should begin in the areas where you have the most gray. For long hair we recommend using two color kits for the first application.


My hair has been previously colored, can I use this product?

Yes you can. As hair grows by about 1cm per month, we recommend reapplying color products after about 4-6 weeks. It is not recommended to use if hair has been previously colored with henna. Should this be the case, we recommend that you let the color grow out completely before you undertake any further coloration.


How dark/light can I go?

Deciding on a color is ultimately up to you! But to stay with your natural skin tone, it is recommended to go within 1 to 2 shades of your natural color


My hair has been permed or chemically treated, can I use this product?

After getting a permanent wave, it is recommended to wait for about two weeks before applying an oxidative hair colorant. The reasons for this are two-fold: first, to avoid overburdening the hair, and second, to avoid achieving an unintended intensification of the color or inconsistent, uneven hair coloration results. Furthermore, when applying a hair coloring product, the consumer should reduce the treatment time (in which the hair coloration is absorbed in the hair to achieve the intended effect) by 5-10 minutes.


Can I use this to color my eyebrows?

The FDA does not recommend because it can result in blindness.


Will I need more product if my hair is long?

Depending on the length and thickness you may need more product. It will vary by individual.


How do I protect my color? What is the best way to care for it?

It is recommended to use a hair care conditioning lotion after coloring one’s hair. This is designed to enhance the natural smoothness and luminance of the hair color. Use a suitable hair care lotion or hair care products which have been specially developed for dyed hair.

Colored hair needs special care. This is why we recommend using care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks), which are specially developed for the needs of colored hair. The provided conditioner in the color kit contain product for approx. up to 4 applications.


What do I do if the color comes out too light, dark, or the same?

There are a few options. If the color is too dark, try a clarifying shampoo to start. If that doesn’t help, seeking professional advice is the next best step. To help prevent going too dark, try a semi-permanent color first. This can help decide the right color moving forward. On the other hand, if your hair is too light or the same color, you can try using a darker shade but only keep it on for about half the recommended time. Be sure to check every 5-7 min. to see how the shade is developing.


Why are my ends darker than my roots?

In those cases when the results are uneven, it is primarily due to the fact that the hair coloring lotion has been applied unevenly. It is recommended that a person with long hair or particularly thick hair should use 2 packages of hair colorant at the same time.


How often can I color my hair?

We recommend coloring hair every 4-6 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth.


How can I remove color stains from my skin?

It is easy to remove hair coloring stains from the skin. Using a cotton pad, simply apply water or facial lotion to clean the affected areas of the skin immediately after the coloring process.


What do I do with any leftover product?

Leftover product should be discarded after coloring is complete.


What do I need to do to prep my hair? Do I need to wash it?

To help prevent damage, color on unwashed hair. The natural oils will help protect from potential damage.


After coloring, how long should I wait to shampoo again?

To get and enjoy a great result we recommend to wait 24 to 48h to shampoo your hair after a color treatment.


Does coloring cause hair loss?

Coloring can damage your hair; however, in most cases it does not cause hair loss


Which color best fits my skin tone?

Typically, to stay with your skin tone, you’ll want to stay within 1 to 2 shades of your natural color.


Can I mix 2 colors?

It is not recommended.


How long will the permanent color stay in my hair?

Color will last between 6-8 weeks depending on the number of washes.


Can I swim after coloring my hair?

Yes, but we recommend wearing a swim cap.


What is the correct way to use Shampoo?

Dampen your hair and use about a half inch wide dollop of shampoo (adjust accordingly for long hair). Distribute evenly throughout hair. Foam up the dollop of shampoo with a little water before massaging the foaming shampoo through your hair and over the scalp with circulating movements. Be sure not to scratch your scalp with your fingernails. Completely rinse the shampoo out of your hair using clear water. It is important to thoroughly rinse out all shampoo. Squeeze the hair with your hands during the rinse. The rinse is completely when your hair feels "squeaky" clean.


What causes frizz? How can I control frizzy hair?

There are many contributors to frizz include excessive heat-styling, humidity, excessive hair brushing, and chemical processing. All of these can lead to damage and frizz, even on the healthiest of hair. Try putting moisture back in to your hair with conditioning products and oil treatments.


Do I need to use Conditioner after I Shampoo?

Conditioner plays an important role in keeping hair shiny, smooth, and healthy by keeping it moisturized. Usage of conditioner will vary with different hair types and should be used as needed on an individual basis.


How often do I need to use a treatment?

This will vary by treatment and product. Deep conditioning treatments such as Omega Supreme Hair Treatment should be used once a week. Whereas other treatment products such as Biotin Daily Serum Spray can be used daily.


What is the best way to brush my hair?

Start by combing from the bottom up to help get out tangles, then move up towards the roots. Avoid brushing too much, and be sure to use the right brush. Natural boar bristle brushes are much gentler on hair and should also be washed weekly to help avoid clogging bristles.


Are these products safe on color treated hair?

Please check individual products for further guidance and instruction


How do I know what Shampoo/Conditioner is best for me?

There are 4 different lines based on your individual hair needs.


Can I use these products daily?

Products can be used daily, depending on the regimen.


Will the oil products weigh my hair down?

To help avoid weighing hair down, use oil products in small amounts. This way, the product will still help moisturize without feeling weighed down.


What products will help repair my damaged hair?

To help with hair damage, try keeping more moisture in your hair. Using conditioner regularly and a deep conditioner, such as Omega Supreme Hair Treatment, once a week will help with this. Additionally you can add more moisture to your hair using the Omega Daily Oil Elixir    


Should I use the whole line or just certain products?

Products can be mixed and matched as needed to create the hairstyle you desire!


Is it ok to mix and match product lines?

Of course! In fact, it’s a great idea! By using different products and different lines, you will be able to create a variety of hairstyles unique to you and your needs.


How can I protect my hair from heat styling?

Help protect your hair by using heat protection products such as the Heat Protection Straightening Cream or Spray


How do I apply mousse?

Shake the can, point nozzle downward and dispense into palm. Apply product to damp hair, starting at the root and working down the mid-shaft to the tips. Blow drying will help intensify the product, then style as desired!


What's the best way to blow dry my hair?

Begin by applying mousse to the roots or a heat protection spray. Hold the blow dryer 8-10 inches from hair and use a medium heat setting. From there, it will depend on your hair type and the style you look to achieve. A diffuser can work great to help achieve curly hair, while blow drying with a nozzle can help add volume.


What products can I use to give my hair more volume?

Begin by using a volume shampoo and conditioner, then add mousse while hair is still damp and work through roots to ends. Blow dry hair upside down on a medium setting and follow up with hairspray.


Can I use these products daily?

Yes! Product can be used daily to achieve your desired style. If you use hairspray or gel, you should brush out before bed to prevent breakage.


What's the best way to prevent flyaways?

Flyaways are caused by hair that has gotten too dry. Using moisturizing care and styling products can help improve hairs condition. Serums are a great way to help tame flyaways, along with lightweight hairsprays and pomades.