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The Best Star Hair Styles

Isn’t there a bit of a peeper in all of us? Don’t we all like to look what’s happening on the heads of others? We have selected the most beautiful hair styles of the stars for your pleasure and for your evaluation. Vote for the star with the most pleasing hair style. We ask you, "Who looks best with the new styles?"

  • Chloe Grace Moretz’s Hairstyle

    The Hairstyle of Chloe Grace Moretz

    Chloe Grace Moretz knows what she wants in every aspect of her life. Her casual and always feminine hairstyles are an expression of her sense of style and destiny. The hairstyle seems to fit her perfectly. We show you in our hair tutorial how to create this style

    Instructions for the Undone Updo
  • The Hairstyle of Miroslava Duma

    Miroslava Duma’s Bob Hairstyle

    Russian fashion consultant Miroslava Duma is on the cutting edge of fashion trends. With her faux bob she joined the semi-long haircut trend the easy way - she faked it. After all, make-believe is at the heart of the best of fashion. With the faux bob her options are not cut short

    Miroslava Duma Wearing a Faux Bob
  • Styling the Kate Bosworth Crown Braid

    Styling Instructions: Crown Braid by Kate Bosworth

    Actress Kate Bosworth goes all out in business and in hairstyling. She reinvented the classic crown braid version to include several braids. Simply follow our instructions to create this crown braid hairstyle

    Loop and Weave a Crown Braid
  • Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyle

    Styling Kristen Stewart’s Hairdo

    Privately, Kristen Stewart sports rebellious hairstyles. However, for red carpet events she gives her style a festive note. Her orange coloured hair with dark roots is woven into a messy herringbone braid. While undone, the hair colour and line provide a touch of glamour

    Hair Tutorial: The Herringbone Braid
  • Creating Amber Heard's Hairstyle

    Styling Amber Heard’s Hairstyle

    Amber Heard’s hairstyles always deserve a second look. She has a way of using intriguing elements to perk up her styles. These eye-catching accents draw attention to the way her hair moves. The artistic braid is the focal point in this easy to style hairdo and we show how in our hair tutorial

    Step by Step: Side-Swept Hairstyle
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