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The Best Star Hair Styles

Isn’t there a bit of a peeper in all of us? Don’t we all like to look what’s happening on the heads of others? We have selected the most beautiful hair styles of the stars for your pleasure and for your evaluation. Vote for the star with the most pleasing hair style. We ask you, "Who looks best with the new styles?"

  • Victoria Beckham with Different Hairstyles

    Hairstyle Icon Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham turnes 40 in April 2014. The British business woman, model, and singer loves to experiment with hairstyles and fashion. We are looking back at some of her most memorable looks, which include very different hairstyles from blonde pixie to dark wavy hair

    Victoria Beckham’s Hairstyles
  • Poppy Delevingne’s Hairstyle

    Poppy Delevingne’s Hairstyle

    British model Poppy Delevingne attended the Vanity Fair Party of the 2014 Oscar Award celebration wearing a Gothic style evening gown. Her hair was styled into a high chignon with plenty of volume. You can easily style this chignon variation using our step by step instructions

    Poppy Delevingne’s High Chignon
  • Uma Thurman’s Hairstyle

    Uma Thurman’s Hairdo

    Without question, Uma Thurman’s style is always a feast for the eyes. Add to this her charisma and elegance for unbeatable star qualities. At the Berlinale, actress Uma Thurman styled waves, curls, and braids into an enchanting low ponytail. We show you how to create this beautiful hairstyle and point to the endearing qualities of this style

    Uma Thurman’s Style
  • Hairstyles of Stars

    Beautiful Hairstyles at the Berlinale 2014

    Once again, hardly any international stars missed the 2014 Berlinale, not to mention the opportunity to show their styles and sparkle with their best work and newest achievements. The beautiful hairstyles of the stars were part of the sparkling event.

    How to Style Your Hair Like the Stars
  • Hair Colour Red

    Hair Colour Voting: Hot Red or Cool Brown?

    Do you sometimes wonder how you would look wearing a completely different hair colour? This is probably what actress Bryce Dallas Howard did when she coloured her naturally red hair brown. Please vote for the hair colour, which suits Bryce Dallas Howard best

    Personal Hair Colour Choices
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