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The Best Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Weddings

There is hardly a better occasion than a wedding to create your most naturally beautiful look by engaging your creative side and flaunting your personal style. Of course, the center stage must belong to the newlyweds, but that doesn't mean you can't look great as well. Here, we take a look at some playful bridesmaid hair examples and endearing flower girl hairstyles that are the perfect fit for a big celebration but without stealing the show from the bride and groom.

Beautiful hairstyles for a wedding

beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles

A half-up ,half-down hairstyle looks great on bridesmaids.

The perfect hairstyle for wedding guests should reflect the season and style of the event but without dominating the photographs. On the practical side, wedding celebrations are pretty lengthy and your hairstyle should therefore have enough longevity to not give up midway through the reception. With the help of our hairstyle suggestions, you can ensure that your hairstyle will last. Bridesmaid hair choices include wavy or sleek hair, artful bob hairstyles, or festive looks with hair accessories and jewelry.


Most engaged couples plan their wedding style, attire and hairstyles a long time in advance, but wedding guests can be more spontaneous with their appearance. Still, the character and the style of a wedding are important to consider when it comes to picking hairstyles for wedding guests. We want to help you find the right style, no matter the occasion.


Tip: Many bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles are inspired by stars and celebrities who attend galas and events with fantastically styled hair, honed by professionals. Is it any wonder that they are an almost inexhaustible source of wedding guest hair ideas? Browse through some magazines to find the perfect inspiration for your look, then start to decide how you can create it for yourself. If you give yourself enough time, you can work with a hairdresser to add color or a new shape to your hair to perfect the look.

How to create the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles: the low bun

easy bridesmaid hairstyles

Try a bun for a wedding hairstyle.

While there are countless hairstyles for bridesmaids out there, we're going to focus on just one to give you an example of how to create the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

The low bun – or the bridesmaid's bun as it's sometimes called –is an elegant and sophisticated look which complements almost any dress and facial shape. It's a classic style, which is created by dividing the hair into a middle or side part, slicking each side down with a good spritz of göt2b Volumaniac hairspray for next-level hold, then gathering the hair into a low ponytail near the nape of the neck. Using a hair donut, spread the hair evenly until you have a perfect bun, then secure it all with a couple of bobby pins. And done! You're now ready to focus on performing all your bridesmaid duties and making sure the bride's day is perfect (and you’ll look great while doing so!).

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