Hair Styling | Round Face

Complimentary Style: Haircuts for Round Faces

Round, so what? We celebrate sexy curves, soft contours and powerful women who know how to present themselves! How do they do it? With the right hairstyle: presenting five fast hairstyles for round faces. All-round beauty – from crown to shoulder!

Face it, round faces appear soft, friendly and – thanks to the childlike look – young! Typical characteristics of a round face are a circular hairline, a soft chin section and full cheeks. The shape of the head does not necessarily have anything to do with stature or corpulence – it is a gift of nature. There are also oval, rectangular and heart-shaped faces in addition to round ones. How you wear your hair can enhance your face shape, and there are many flattering hairstyles for round faces out there.


What goes around comes around: not only does the right hairstyle make you look good, it can also bring out the best in the natural shape of your face. A round face can be lengthened with a few tricks that conjure up a slim silhouette: for example, an updo that creates greater hair volume.