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Men's Guide: Find Your Ideal Look

Some say the hair makes the man; others say the man makes the hair. We like to think it’s a little bit of both. Either way, there’s no getting around it: your coiffure is one of the very first things that people notice. First impressions count – have you ever considered what your hairstyle says about you? As your most prominent feature, your hair can make or break your entire look. However, it is not just about image; men’s hairstyles serve as a distinctive outward signal of confidence and individuality.

A carefully considered hairstyle is not just for the well-groomed gent either. Even the most rugged and rebellious types can enhance their look with some smart hair styling. In fact, some of the coolest hairstyles for men are all about embracing length, giving in to unruly curls and experimenting with unconventional colors. Whether you’re into hair styling or not, no one can deny the power of a good haircut. Seasons change, fashions come and go, but the best men’s hairstyles go the distance.

Haircuts for men—Getting it Right

It all starts with the cut, and make no mistake: what happens in the salon does not stay in the salon. The cut determines everything from your daily styling options to how your hair grows out. Never underestimate the power of the scissors; as any good stylist will tell you, there’s no such thing as a good hair day without the right trim. So, besides a skilled stylist, what makes a good haircut? Ultimately, it’s your hair, your rules—but there are some crucial factors to take into account when it comes to men’s haircuts.

Hair Type and Texture

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Get inspired with styles that match your hair texture.

Above all, it is essential to find a cut that works with what you’ve already got. If you are blessed with a naturally thick head of hair, you can easily go for a high-volume style of Zac Efron proportions. Hairstyles for curly hair add needed shape and definition. If you are one of many guys who struggle with a cowlick, the right haircut can put it in its place. Men’s hair may be oily, dry, fine or coarse; talk to your stylist about the texture of your hair and where it normally sits when left to its own devices. Be experimental but realistic—you might rate another guy’s hairstyle, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your hair type.

Face Shape

Your ability to pull off certain hairstyles depends on your face shape. If you’ve never figured out whether you’re an oval, square or diamond, now is the time to do so. The best men’s hairstyles are those that highlight your features and play to your strengths. A close precision cut will accentuate a strong jawline, whilst volume on top adds length to round faces. Then, of course, there is the question of facial hair; if you’re partial to a beard, you need to make sure that your styles are in sync.

  • Oval Face

    Enjoy a wide range of trendy and classic hairstyles to match your oval facial features. Despite a large variety you may consider building up some volume and angles at the top to emphasize the curved lines of your face. Try to avoid fringes as they tend to make your face look rounder.

  • Square Face

    A wide jaw and high cheekbones are considered the ideal masculine look. A square face goes well with most haircuts. You can easily choose between short options that will bring out the sharpness of your jawline or go for longer upward styles haircuts such as a quiff, which elongates the face.

  • Round Face

    Round-faced men may want to create the illusion of more defined angles. You can sharpen up your look by choosing pompadours, French crops or other hairstyles that create height on top. Side parting is also a good choice for a round face.

  • Triangle Face

    To make the most of triangle-shaped face add volume to the top of your head. You can also balance out your prominent jaw with medium-length hair or fringe, which will help to thicken your forehead.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

    Proportion can be added to a heart shaped face with facial hair and a mid-length hairstyle that serves to soften a wider forehead. Steer away from tight style and focus on creating light a side-swept fringe or a dimensional quiff.


Let’s face it, few of us have time to recreate that fresh-from-the-salon look every morning. The question is, how much time can you dedicate to your hairdo? If you’re a dab-hand with the blow dryer, you can easily handle a more complex style; if you’re the wash-and-go type, you might be better off with a more low-maintenance men’s haircut. Longer hair tends to require more attention in terms of care and styling—but of course there is always the option of a man-bun or ponytail. The good news is that hairstyles for men can be extremely versatile, so finding one that fits in with your lifestyle should not be too tricky.

Hairstyles for Men—Color Play

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Coloring dark hair blonde or blond hair black can drastically change your appearance. For the best result consult your stylist on what kinds of tones could work for you.

Color adds yet another dimension to men’s hairstyles. Whether you are sticking to your natural shade, covering up grays or even faking going gray as per the silver fox trend, men have countless options when it comes to hair color. Running a few highlights through the hair can be a subtle way to add texture and nuance. If you have a contrasting haircut, such as long on top and razored at the sides, you might also play with contrasting colors for an even bolder look. The color of your hair can drastically alter your appearance, so consult your stylist on what kinds of tones could work for you. Just like men’s haircuts in general, color can be as natural or as daring as you like—with so many options to choose from, there is no reason not to experiment.

Making the Most of Men’s Haircuts

Good hair doesn’t end with a cut and color. Once you have found your ideal men’s haircut, there is plenty more fun to be had. This is where tools and products come in; besides a good hair care routine, a well-stocked arsenal of products is key to keeping your hair game strong. Depending on the products you use and the length of your hair, you can experiment with different styling techniques to create a variety of looks.

  1. Gel and a comb will instantly afford you the slick-back look.
  2. While a blast with the blow dryer and some well-placed mousse will create volume for days.

By switching up your products, you can easily put your own unique twist on even the most simplistic men’s haircuts.


Getting a new haircut is more than just a necessity or a boring male grooming ritual. The way you style your hair makes a statement about who you are as an individual. Men’s haircuts should therefore be unique, expressive and, most importantly, in tune with the wearer’s personal style. The Brad Pitts and David Beckhams of the world might not have gotten where they are today because of their hair, but it certainly forms a part of their overall identity. Celebrity icons and trends in men’s haircuts aside, make sure your hairstyle is reflective of the guy you are and want to be.

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