Feminine short hairstyle with blonde hair
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Short Blonde Hair: Bold and Beautiful

Who says long hair is more feminine than short? Since when? Short hair has never been so in, and a dazzling shade of blonde really enhances the look. Read on to be inspired by the best short hairstyles for blonde hair.

One could say that short haircuts are becoming the new ideal of beauty. More and more women are swapping their long hair for this beautifully bold cut. This look exudes self-confidence, making the wearer incredibly attractive.


Short styles work especially well with light hair. A beautiful shade of blonde makes the hair shine, ensuring an eye-catching look that will certainly turn heads.  

Short Hairstyles for Blondes: A Suitable Haircut for Every Face Shape

Almost every woman can rock short blonde hair when each face shape is taken into account.

Oval Face: This face shape is considered ideal since it goes well with everything. Anyone with this face shape can pull off a short blonde haircut, which frames the face and serves to enhance it.


Rectangular Face: There are also plenty of short blonde hair ideas for rectangular faces. Streaks or bangs go especially well as they can help to soften any hardness in the facial features.


Round Face: Styles that help to elongate the face are ideal for round faces. Blonde bob hairstyles work particularly well – plenty of volume and body makes the face appear longer at the top. 


It is often necessary to work on adding volume and structure to your hair if it is longer than chin-length. You can achieve this by styling your hair for more volume or including curls or waves into your hairstyle.

Short blonde hair absolutely needs the right make-up. Feminine make-up applied with care will be the perfect finishing touch for this trendy look.  


Softer colors look particularly beautiful with light hair. Coral or raspberry red lipstick and beige or pink eye shadow are excellent choices. In terms of fashion the sky is the limit. All colors look great with blonde hair. Warm colors like brown, red, beige and yellow look particularly classy with golden blonde hair while cool blue, gray, red and turquoise match platinum blonde hair perfectly.