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Temporary Blonde Hair Dye: Give Blonde A Try

Ever thought about going blonde? You're not alone. There are many people out there who, after watching a film or seeing someone with long beautiful locks walking down the street, think that they too would love to have blonde or even platinum blonde hair.

However, taking the plunge and making the decision to go blonde isn't one that can be made lightly. After all, it's a significant change. If you have dark hair, not only is this a complete aesthetic reversal and one that will transform your everyday look from the ground upwards, but it can also be detrimental to your hair health if done incorrectly. It's for these reasons that more and more people are turning to temporary blonde hair dye in a way to acquire the look without the same level of risk.

Semi-permanent blonde hair dye: All the color without the commitment

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Blonde for a moment, not a lifetime.

If you're someone with red or brunette hair and are toying with the idea of going blonde but are unsure how the finished product will look, then opting to use wash out blonde hair dye is a great way of testing the waters without fully committing. You will be able to use the temporary blonde hair color to determine whether or not the hairstyle suits you and how well it complements the outfits you already own. Even if you decide that going blonde isn't for you in the long term, at least you'll still be able to rock the blonde for a little while! You could even try using temporary black hair dye for something different next time.

How temporary blonde hair dye works

Whereas hair products for bleaching and highlights actually strip the color away from your hair – thus having a higher risk of damage – temporary blonde hair dye is much more forgiving. More specifically, longer-lasting hair dyes oxidize the hair – imparting the color molecule within the follicle of the hair – but temporary blonde hair dye simply coats the outer layer. This can lead to a more natural shade of color, and it’s significantly easier to use than permanent dyes. The results will last for about six weeks depending on how much you shampoo your hair, and will also fade when exposed to chlorinated water.

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