Silicone free hair care products add volume to fine hair
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When To Use Silicone For Hair

Whether hair care products with silicone are right for your hair depends on the type of hair you have and the type of hair you want to have. Learn how to infuse thick brittle hair with silky luster and how to add volume and hold to fine hair

Silicones are highly effective and valuable active ingredients in hair cosmetics. Silicones in hair care products are designed to serve specific purposes. The consumer has the choice of hair care products with or without silicones. Whether you should or should not use silicone-containing hair care products depends entirely on your hair type and what you expect the hair care product to do for your hair.

Hair Care Products with Silicone for Silky Shine

Silicone containing hair care products improve unhealthy looking, dull, brittle, damaged hair with split ends. Hair repair treatments, rinses and two-in-one shampoos often contain silicone because it repairs damaged hair and improves the hair structure. Some styling products also contain silicone.


Coating the hair with silicone restores luster and the supple nature of hair. Hair can be easily combed after silicone treatment. The fine silicone coating around each hair accounts for this improvement in texture and looks. Once again, the hair cuticles smoothly hug the hair shaft leaving the hair smooth and silky. The increased light reflection by the repaired smooth hair cuticles accounts for the increased luster. Dry and unruly hair responds particularly well to silicone in hair care products. Silicone restores the supple nature of hair, intensifies its luster, and makes it more manageable.

Silicone-free Hair Care Products for Hold and Volume

Unless your hair is seriously damaged, silicone-free hair care products are the best choice if your hair is fine and in need of added volume. The individual hairs are better able to support your hairstyle and build up sufficient volume if their cuticle layers are not silicone-coated.  


Different parts of your hair may need different types of care. If this is the case you have the option to treat the hair near the roots and the hair ends differently. For example, you may decide to use silicone-free styling mousse for the only slightly damaged hair near the roots and a silicone-containing conditioner (e. g. a conditioning spray) for the hair ends.